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I've added progress bars to my profile so you can easily tell where I am with a request I might be working on/
Zach. That was a nice name. Alex called him, after which he gleefully jumped in response. It was only now that she noticed that he didn't really stand; at least not on two legs anyway, which she assumed was what enderman normally do. He stood up for short periods of time to look around, but other than that he was on all fours. He didn't sparkle either and the glow from his eyes was dim. But he didn't seem sick so maybe it was a baby thing? Toddlers don’t walk either so it made sense.
“You...different!” he enunciated. “Different ender?”
“I'm a girl; a human.” Alex responded. Zach's head cocked to the side.
He didn’t know what a human was.
“I'm like you, but softer!...and not bald.”
Zach giggled.
“No itchy head fur!”
“H-Hey, it wouldn't be so bad if you actually had some!” Alex exclaimed while giving him a playful shove.
They both laughed. Despite recent events, Alex had managed to find friends. She was laughing and being happy, even after the fire.
Alex suddenly went pale.
The fire. Her home. Her parents. Her sister.
Everyone was gone.
Tears began to well up in her eyes and she sobbed. Zach looked at her with concern.
“Sad?” He asked. He had no idea what idea what was happening outside his home. Not a single clue that he was talking to the only human left on the island. Alex sniffled.
“Yeah....very sad.”
“Go back?”
Back inside. Yes, that was good. Inside was good. No forest to remind her of how she almost froze to death, all alone in the freezing snow. Alex nodded and Zach led her back down the stairs that led into the stronghold. The hallways were dark, and it didn't help that Alex was currently wiping tears from her eyes. She wondered if Zach could see better than she could. He wasn't complaining so it could've been true. After rounding a corner, he came to a complete stop. Why stop, where they back at the room? No, there were no doors. The redstone torches on the walls didn't help, since the only seemed to make the shadows at the end of the hall darker. Until the shadow moved, that is.
And it was big.
An enderman. He nearly reached the ceiling and Alex never felt smaller than seeing him up close. The large male lowered down to her eye level, generating a thud as his weight came in contact with the hard stone floor. Alex could hear the clacks and scrapes of the claws as he tapped and dragged them along the floor while he seemed to study her. Because this, the young girl was petrified. She wasn’t dead yet, but she hadn’t moved much either. Every time she tried to move, it’s whole body shook; ready to strike, so she stood as still as possible. A chirp was heard from beside her and she recognized it as Zach. He diverted the attention of the older one to him, who proceeded to growl at him. The enderchild shrunk away a bit, letting out quiet chirps while avoiding the older one's gaze. Alex heard a low hum from the enderman. He opened his mouth, revealing all the sharp teeth inside, and closed it around the torso of the younger one. The girl was filled with panic. Was he going to crush the poor child in his jaws? Eat him?
Her mind was put at ease when Zach didn’t even struggle. The older male turned and stalked away. Zach managed to turn around a little and waved goodbye. Alex gave a small wave back. She had a feeling she would be seeing more of them again.
I've added progress bars to my profile so you can easily tell where I am with a request I might be working on/


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